Solutions More control, less work.

How many steps and how much communication is involved in the parking process for your guests? With Pair, we simplify the process and reduce the number of steps required for each booking. Guests no longer need to search for temporary parking, ask for directions at the reception, and then park again. In addition to saving time for both you and your guests, this provides greater structure and control with less work.

Administration Self-propelled.

Fewer questions, less hands-on work, and greater efficiency. Our administration tool automates tasks that would otherwise be demanding, allowing you to focus more on providing for your guests.

Screenshot of Administration

Parking Park and relax.

Guests can book and pay for their own parking or charging spot through our platform, ensuring a smooth experience from start to finish.

Screenshot of Parking

Charging Stay charged.

Charging an electric car is just as easy as booking a parking space. Guests receives electricity in the right place at the right time, and can regulate their own consumption.

Screenshot of Charging